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Progress Update: Collaborative Efforts to Move Downtown Forward

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Dozens of organizations have been working together to reimagine the future of downtown Pittsburgh. There is a lot of work underway – and much more progress needed – and by working together, partners are up to the challenge!


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Throughout the last year, public and private partners have worked to identify needs and develop programs to begin stabilization efforts throughout downtown. These initiatives are taking place across various sectors and addressed needs in health and human services, on-street services, public safety, economic development, policy and focused on creating conditions to protect and support people and investment.

Programs to address these challenges are being developed and implemented, but we know that this is only the beginning of our journey. Downtown’s revitalization requires a multi-pronged and multi-phased approach, and the partners are up to the challenge.

So, we are doing what Pittsburghers have done for nearly 80 years, public and private sector leaders joining forces to overcome challenges and unlock opportunities.

Beginning in December 2023, a collaborative group of leaders from business, academia, labor, and the philanthropic community, and elected officials, advancing a shared vision for our region. Working diligently, we have identified near-term stabilization efforts and goals for downtown and are currently working to find sustainable funding solutions and strategies to ensure a clean, safe, inclusive downtown that reflects a vibrant neighborhood with diverse economic and cultural opportunities and interconnected, welcoming public spaces.

Goals for the Future of Downtown Pittsburgh

Vibrancy & Safety

  1. Downtown will be a clean, safe, accessible, inclusive, and inviting environment for all.
  2. Downtown will embrace a dense and diverse range of commerce, arts, and cultural experiences that support vibrant day and nighttime economies, support a diverse workforce, and encourage all who live and work in Downtown to stay and play.

Strategic Redevelopment

  1. Downtown will be an economically competitive business environment and will attract, retain, and encourage a diverse range of businesses – small and large. 
  2. Downtown will be a livable community that offers a range of housing choices for individuals and families with diverse social and economic backgrounds. 
  3. Downtown will offer an interconnected pattern of parks, public spaces, streets, and 21st century infrastructure that are vibrant, accessible, and instill a unique sense of place and community.

Working groups aligned to each of the goals above have been established and will meet regularly to tackle the challenges our downtown is facing and the opportunities that lie ahead. We have engaged experts from inside and outside the region to guide us in developing a long-term reinvestment strategy that will foster a vibrant, thriving downtown for all.

We look forward to sharing more in the coming months and encourage you to check back for updates!


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